Borders Bankruptcy Outreach Begins

This morning Borders announced that it was filing for bankruptcy and promptly posted a website with details. stresses that things will continue as usual for customers and takes a positive tone about the proceedings.

“Through this process, we intend to put in place a sound financial structure, enhance Borders’ technology to better benefit you, our customers and introduce new and exciting products related to our book offerings – all while providing you with great customer service,” the site reads.

Company president Mike Edwards also issued a statement to the same effect.

During my time covering financial and corporate communications, I heard from experts who stressed the importance of maintaining transparent communications throughout the reorganization process. This is important for maintaining the brand through a trying time (the company hopes to have a successful future, after all) and to keep the trust and loyalty of consumers, investors, and other stakeholders. The website that Borders has created is a good first step for that kind of communication.

[via GalleyCat.]