Borat’s Vanity Fair Snub? Carter Goes With Clooney Over Cohen For November Cover


Did Graydon Carter say “I don’t like”?

When it comes to Vanity Fair‘s covers, it appears so. Radar recently reported that the editor had chosen Borat — the anti-semitic character from Kazakhstan played by Sacha Baron Cohen in the upcoming mockumentary of the same name — for the cover of its November issue. Well, it looks like Carter went with George Clooney instead. In fact, Borat was not only snubbed for the issue’s cover, it appears any would-be feature on the actor and character was cut entirely.

The only mention Borat gets is in Michael Wolff‘s column on anti-semitism, which, as Wolff points out, has been characterized in the New York Times as “the most risky of social toxins.” (The Times recently accepted an oddly-timed four-page ad from the government of Kazakhstan that was seen as a pre-Borat damage control.)

So did Carter get gun-shy? Was putting a mock-anti-semitic comedian on a Vanity Fair cover too risky? Or was the Radar wrong to begin with?

Vanity Fair declined to comment on the matter.


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