Boozing Newsers :: Weekend Roundup II

ABCNews Washington bids a drunken adieu to two staffers

For a second weekend, ABCNewsers partied it up over the weekend to bid goodbye to some of their own. Braving the Storm of 2005-that-wasn’t, staff and friends packed Local 16 upstairs Saturday night to bid “bon voyage” to Mary Hood and Nancy Weiner, who are both leaving the D.C. bureau for West 66th Street.

As part of the continued shake-out of the D.C. bureau Mary–a longtime member of the political unit (she even got a byline on Friday’s Note!) and looking resplendent Saturday in a white jacket with a big pink flower–is moving to be a producer at World News, and Nancy is moving from NewsOne to be a correspondent. For now, they’ll be sharing a pad in the Big Apple.

The party saw a long string of D.C. media and political folks passing through, sipping drinks in plastic cups (strangely, glass cups were served downstairs, but evidently the bar didn’t ABCNews with anything breakable). Even Note Chief Mark “Mr. Fun” Halperin breezed through late for an appearance. His whereabouts prior to 1 a.m. could not be accounted for.

While much of the evening was standard D.C. fare, Fishbowl is sure that some of the drunken lip-locks between some of the women at the ABCNews party would have looked really hot in the network’s new HDTV…