Bootcamp: Free Resources to Help Launch Social Media Campaigns

New resources from Affect Strategies and Eloqua can help brands launch and implement more effective social media marketing. Why not get the jump on your competition? Check them out!

Two new tips sheets in Affect Strategies’ Social Media Success Series are among the recently released resources on best practices and strategies for businesses engaging in social media. The Grande Guide to the Social CMO from Eloqua is another.

These tools demonstrate how far the art and science of social media have progressed, the array of options at marketers’ disposal and can help your brand get a jumpstart on the competition.

Affect Strategies is a public relations, strategic marketing and social media firm located in New York. Its Social Media Success Series is focused on the things that companies need to do before beginning any social media activity to ensure success. Eighth and ninth in the series, the recently released tip sheets are:

Social Media Launch Kit: Building a Foundation for Success – Offers a guide to creating the foundation for successful social media engagement within your organization. Outlines the five steps to take before you launch your campaign: identify your goals, craft a social media messaging document, determine platforms and channels, create a social media workflow plan and draft a social media usage policy.

Creating a Social Media Usage Policy – Provides steps and considerations that any organization can use to create a usage policy that will foster and guide appropriate company-wide social media participation.

The agency also updated previously released tip sheets to keep them current current with new features and modifications to popular social media platforms.

“Consumer and B2B brands alike now rely on social media as an integral part of their marketing strategy. At the same time, social media is still a very new medium, and many companies are confused about where to start,” said Sandra Fathi, president and founder of Affect Strategies. “With this expansion of our Social Media Success Series, we can now arm marketers with the tools and best practices they need to lay the foundation for social media campaigns that are efficient, cohesive and move the needle against their business goals.”

Affect Strategies is distinguished by its ability to integrate social media initiatives with public relations, linear and digital advertising, and other tactics to create effective campaigns. These tip sheets draw from the agency’s work with brands in technology, communications, consumer goods and professional services.

Leave room for cream?

Eloqua released the Grande Guide to the Social CMO. It’s a guide to social media essentials, written for the marketing leader in an organization, whether that title is Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Revenue Officer or VP of marketing. The goal of the guide is to help marketers maximize their social identities and maybe build some new ones along the way.

Though the guide is a bit too rich to digest over a single “grande,” its content is well organized and chock full of valuable insights. In addition to laying down a solid foundation of the current state of social media marketing – including best practices, a comparison of major social media platforms and case studies – the guide presents a well-grounded look at what’s coming next. The glossary and resource listing are both bookmark-worthy.

Marketing automation and revenue performance management platform provider Eloqua is headquartered in Vienna, VA. Social Times recently published a guest post from the company answering the question, How Much Is A Facebook Fan Worth in B2B?