Boomers Are Mobile-Savvy

When it comes to use of mobile features, MediaPost reports, Baby Boomers aren’t that far behind their younger, seemingly more tech-savvy counterparts.

The Stamford-based online market research firm InsightExpress surveyed more than 2000 mobile users and separated them into four age groups: Gen Y (18-24), Gen X (25-44), younger Baby Boomers (45-54) and older Baby Boomers (55-64).

“Boomers’ handsets were just as cutting edge as their younger counterparts, as 75% of younger Boomers and 68% of older Boomers had phones that supported text messaging–compared to 86% and 82% of Gens Y and X, respectively. Gen Y led the pack in actual text-message usage with 43%, followed by Gen X with 22%–but some 16% of all younger Boomers and 10% of all older Boomers sent or received text messages daily.”

In addition, boomers weren’t far behind with owning phones that had mobile Web browsers: “while about half of Gen X-ers (51%) and Gen Y-ers (47%) had phones with mobile Web access, the Boomer generation wasn’t too far behind–some 39% of younger Boomers and 32% of older Boomers could surf the Web on their handset.”

The article concludes by noting that across all age groups, actual regular usage of those fancy Internet browsers is still lower than 10%, the InsightExpress study found.

Study: Mobile-Savvy Boomers The Norm, Not Exception [MediaPost]