Bookshare Hits 150,000 Student Members

The non-profit digital library has set a new milestone – just in time for its 4th anniversary. Bookshare boasts that it now supports over 150 thousand students in the US from a supply of over 120 thousand titles.

What sets Bookshare apart from your average digital library is its members. Bookshare was founded with one goal: to provide textbooks, teacher recommended reading, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other academic materials to visually-impaired and hearing-impaired students.

Bookshare plans to expand its support in the coming year with the launch of a new Android app and browser based reading app, which should make it easier for teachers to assign books. Students will also have an accessible bookshelf, and that will enable parents and students to add and read their own ebooks. In the coming months, Bookshare also plans to convert (where practical) its library to audio and make it avaialble in mp3 and DAISY formats.

The new support is being funded by a $3 million grant from the US Dept of Education. The grant comes as part of a new project called ‘LIT’, or Leveraging Impact Through Technology.