Books for Cooks to sell eBooks Through

The Melbourne-based indie bookseller Books for Cooks has recently announced that it it’s signed up to sell eBooks, but it’s not working with who you might expect. It’s signed with Inventive Labs, the developers of, a cloud based reading platform.

Why Well, it was natively developed and supported  in Australia.  But co-owner Tim White stated that he wasn’t satisfied with the limitations of the existing formats. “We don’t believe current ebook formats suit traditional image-rich beautifully designed books or are necessarily practical for kitchen use,” said White, “but we do believe that no one particular format–physical or ebook–is the only format for all readers or all books.” is unique among the commercial eBook platforms as being the only one that is entirely cloud based. It requires no app, and the eBooks bought through it cannot be downloaded.

Books for Cooks also expects to have the cookbooks it publishes as Murdock Books available through this fall, and its eBookstore should be opening in about a month.