Books, Books, and More Books (plus, Paul Buckley to boot!)


We can’t get enough of book covers. Just love the dang things. Sure, we like what’s inside them a lot too, and maybe that’s what make them all the better, but we could do well by spending a couple of hours just wandering around a bookstore, taking them all in. Where else can you do something like that, just being surrounded by that sort of volume of really great design? Maybe a music store, but that’s got a much higher hit or miss ratio (toward the latter). Anyway, we just ran into Forward, A Book Design Blog, which is absolutely terrific. And from there, not only did we find that above link, to the WWDC bingo, we also got to this two-part interview with Paul Buckley, a cover designer for Penguin. Loads of photos, scans of covers, and a very extensive interview. It’s just what we needed to keep this day going along splendidly.