Bookgoo Lets You Highlight and Annotate the World

If you’re familiar or have been using Google Documents then you would certainly appreciate and might actually use Bookgoo. Bookgoo is a new service that puts your offline document online to enable collaboration with your friends and to the whole web community.

Bookgoo is a web service that lets you upload, annotate and collaborate with your offline documents on the web. Once you’ve uploaded your documents on Bookgoo you can easily highlight and annotate your documents. Imagine your documents getting highlight by a pen in a paper-based document environment.

For its social networking/web 2.0 angle, Bookgoo allows you to share your highlighted/annotated documents to your friends, colleagues, professors and practically anyone. Once you’ve shared your documents to them, you consequently allow them to highlight and annotate your documents as well. Hence Bookgoo is a social collaboration tool as well.

In short Bookgoo facilitates the conversation on the document. To give you an idea on what is Bookgoo and how you could maximize its potential, here’s a rundown of what you can do at Bookgoo:

  • Highlight and annotate a research paper,
  • Allow the community of users to proof read your document, highlighting sections that need work
  • Discuss a difficult part of a school assignment with your teacher or classmates
  • Share a recipe for cookies, and get others to add their own suggestions to your document
  • Upload a musical score and get feedback from the community
  • Discuss a pending buy/sell transaction by reviewing the paper work online, highlighting sections that need clarification

And Bookgoo supports all document formats, so you can practically upload and share MS Word, MS Excel, Url, PDF, HTML, JPG and gif types of documents.

As a new social collaboration tool, Bookgoo promises some good traction once it goes full blast with its operations.