Bookeen Launches a New eBookstore

Bookeen have been selling eBooks on the Book Orizon eBook reader for some time now, and today it launched a website where everyone could buy eBooks.

The Bookeen Store has the same content as the eBookstore on the Orizon, obviously, and it sells eBooks in Epub and PDF. These eBooks are compatible with  most eBook readers, reading apps, and basically everything but the Kindle and iBooks.

The website is currently only available in French, but there are signs that an English language site will soon be available.

This website launch marks an interesting trend. Buying eBooks from the eReader used to be the hot new feature, which is why the Orizon had the ability. But today’s launch suggests that people prefer to buy on websites rather than on the eReader itself.

Even the Kindle Store left much to be desired when visited from the Kindle, so perhaps the idea of an on-device eBookstore simply doesn’t work as well as one  might think.

via Actualitte