Book Signings Go Meta-Weird

1004black.jpgMan, Conrad Black. Not only did the guy have the most boring corruption scandal in history, but now he’s going for a book signing that’s either a half-assed publicity stunt or the most pathetic thing we’ve heard of in a long while. Enter the virtual book signing.

Black is scheduled for an October 15th book signing (*) at Toronto’s World’s Biggest Bookstore. Only he’s not allowed to leave the United States while he awaits sentencing in his embezzlement trial. So he’s going to “virtually sign books” using a device known as the LongPen (**) while participating in a video conference from his Florida home for the Q&A portion of the event. Cool? Desperate? A little of both?

*: Black just wrote a biography of Richard Nixon, which is so appropriate.
**: The LongPen was invented by Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood so she could avoid book tours. Atwood will also be participating in Black’s video conference. Oddest bedfellows in the whole damn world.

(Image via Associated Press)