Bonsai Blast (game) for iPhone Gets Social Via Facebook Connect


I often have a difficult time choosing a “favorite” of anything. But, I think I can safely say that my favorite iPhone game so far is…

Bonsai Blast 1.2

This Zuma-like shoot the line of marbles game defines addictive casual gaming for me. I play the “survival” mode every now and then even though I completed the “adventure” mode (twice actually) months ago. I kept thinking over the past few months that (a) I wish Glu Mobile would release a sequel to the game and/or (b) it would add some kind of social aspect to let me compare scores to other people.

‘a’ hasn’t happened yet. But, the recent 1.2 update provided for ‘b’. The survival mode, for example, now shows a “high score” in addition to the “best time” measure that was previously available. It also can display a total high score for both modes now. I signed in to Facebook Connect even though I don’t know if anyone I know bought and plays Bonsai Blast. I may have to start asking around just to see what the high score comparisons look like.