Bono Teaches Lesson on Facebook Privacy

Earlier this week Bono made headlines after photos of him partying with two 19 year old girls in St. Tropez surfaced on Facebook. The photos were taken by Andrea Feick and apparently were published to her profile. Sophos security has concluded that the reason these images surfaced was that Andrea Feick did not update her privacy settings and as a result, other people in her geographic network were able to view her profile and photos.

The National Business Review has pointed to a Facebook page which is publically viewable even to those not logged into Facebook. How are the photos viewable even to non-users? Well, they were posted to what has become a fan page for Andrea Feick, a previous unknown party planner. It’s unknown who actually created the fan page, but these appear to be copies of the original images that were initially posted.

Sophos described the exposure of Andrea’s photos as a “privacy flaw”. I’d actually call it an issue with people being unaware of the default privacy settings on Facebook. Unfortunately most users are unaware of Facebook’s default privacy settings. While granular privacy controls have become a default component of most large social networks, many users still fail to educate themselves about what settings are available.

Bono learned a lesson about hanging out with 19 year old girls. I’d imagine that most girls that age (or any age to be perfectly honest) would love to brag about hanging out with one of the best known celebrities worldwide. Facebook only helped to amplify the backlash followed by the media piling on. It’s unfortunate for Bono but I can’t say that I feel bad for him as he was partying on a yacht in St. Tropez.

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