Bono Saving the World One Spreadsheet at a Time

9df656e4-8675-11dd-959e-0000779fd18c.jpgBono, along with buddy Jeffrey Sachs, is blogging at the Financial Times about saving the world from poverty.

While Sachs won’t stop writing, the U2 frontman seems content with name-dropping and vivid imagery. (He’s already learned the tricks of blogging!) The upshot: those spreadsheets really <a href="get in the way of writing songs.

As the sun arcs over the Manhattan skyline and the markets start dancing nervously out of time, the lyrics I’ve been scribbling over breakfast have been removed and replaced by spreadsheets with large numbers in tiny font as we wrestle with EU budgets in advance of meetings later today with Presidents Sarkozy and Barroso. It’s hard to fight for increases in aid at times like this — but that’s what I’m here for this week… stick with me, while myself and others make our case that now is precisely the time to invest in the world’s poor. I’ll keep you posted.