Bono Defaces Brian Williams Lightbox In NBC Studio

This prank seems a little odd coming from the humanitarian, editor — and, when time permits, U2 lead singer — Bono during his visit with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, with whom he toured Africa earlier this year:

At my request, Bono had just appeared before an impromptu gathering of staffers to thank them for their coverage of his efforts. We posed for a still picture in front of what’s called a “light box,” an embarassingly large promotional picture of yours truly designed to get the attention of the tour groups that walk by all day long. Bono asked if anyone had a Sharpie. The result is now on display for all to see. I’ve been defaced. I’m now wearing something of a Zorro/raccoon mask. Passing tour groups this afternoon in the hallway shake their heads in disgust, picturing a common prankster with a permanent pen. This was no common prankster.

Quite the Terrell Owens move.


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