Bono Becomes the Voice of ‘Spider-Man’ Musical

Tonight is opening night for the troubled musical monstrosity “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” and the musical is pulling out the big guns to generate some positive mojo. Yes, Bono speaks and he’s been talking with The New York Times, was at the Tony Awards ceremony with The Edge (who also worked on the show), and the two stars, leads of arguably the biggest band in the world right now, turned up last night at the 92nd St Y to talk about the show. Not Madison Square Garden. The Y.

And what he’s saying is he loves it… now.

“The first time I loved ‘Spider-Man’ was two and a half weeks ago,” he told the Times.

Both musicians acknowledge that they took a rather hands-off approach until Julie Taymor was ousted. (Taymor will be at the premiere tonight, adding another bit of off-stage drama.) And even now that the show has been reworked, Bono is saying, “There is still a little ways to go.  I would say we are 10% off.”

Yikes. Ok, well good luck with that. People have been going to the show to see the pratfalls in person, but there’s no telling whether that voyeurism would continue long enough for the show to make back the $70-some-odd million that it’s cost so far.

And what if it is good? Well then Grover and Neil Patrick Harris may be the last two to do a “Spider-Man” joke.