Bonnie Rollins to Retire from NBC News DC Bureau

Bonnie Rollins, a long time Washington reporter, will be retiring from NBC News Channel in DC this week. She began working for NBC 32 years ago, initially in radio, before moving on to the TV network assignment desk. She began producing television for the DC affiliate, as well as for NBC Uni in the 90s. Bonnie earned a master’s degree from Georgetown University in the summer of 2010, and during that time contributed to The Truth Left Behind Project, a faculty-student investigative reporting project into the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

Before joining NBC News, she was a news editor for AP Radio in Washington, DC, and the news director of public radio station WBAA at Purdue University. Bonnie’s last day will be December 20th.

Join us in sending a big FishbowlDC congrats to Bonnie on her retirement!