Bonnie Fuller’s Yearbook Photo Used For Lifestyles Cover

When a high-profile magazine editor is placed on the cover of a magazine &#151 in this case, a 34-year-old “who’s who of the Jewish world” magazine — you’d figure the magazine would make a relatively solid effort in designing an appealing cover.

You’d figure, but in the case of the latest Lifestyles‘ cover featuring American Media editorial director Bonnie Fuller, you’d be wrong. Fuller, quite frankly, looks like a real estate broker. You’d excuse it if it were a b-to-b or a magazine working without an art budget, but judging by some past issues (and a paper stock thicker than Fuller’s AMI contract) it’s a mail-it-in job unlike any we’ve seen.

Ordinarily, this little Fuller tidbit from the article [not-yet-online] would be alarming:

The Fuller life means reading magazine proofs in the delivery room as you’re waiting to give birth.

But no, it’s the bizarro cover that has our undivided if disturbed attention. Then again, the longer it sits on our desk, its unintentional kitsch is admittedly growing on us.