Bonnie Fuller’s Blog? Blame it on Sklar


Bonnie Fuller is still banging on the keys and produced another Huffington Post entry. How does this compute? Why is she doing this?

We called around, spoke with Fuller’s assistant, who didn’t really say anything, but did confirm that Bonnie writes these posts herself (trust us, we didn’t think she had a ghost), spoke with PR guru Richard Valvo, and then got the goods from Mario Ruiz at HuffPo.

Seems that Rachel Sklar had suggested it to Fuller, whom she’d interviewed here. Never underestimate that deep bond all Canadians share.

Ruiz says that Fuller’s contributions are all part of the vast media cornucopia that Huffington Post readers demand. It’s a refreshing take on celebrity culture and promotional for her magazine.

If that’s his story, he should stick with it.

She’s still on her “be glad you’re a nobody” trope. This time, she’s sure that the animosity between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s mother will spoil Thanksgiving for everyone else. The usual anonymous sources are cited and there’s links galore to the Star.

Clearly Fuller has a deep yearning for self expression. Perhaps she should give up her mad media whirlwind and spend a few years working on her novel, here.


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