Bonnie Fuller Runs A Tight Ship


Today’s interview with tabloid media queen Bonnie Fuller in the Canadian Globe and Mail is worth reading for a thousand different reasons. For one thing, it’s hilarious. While at American Media Inc. and Us Weekly Fuller gained the reputation of being a harsh mistress to her employees, and apparently things haven’t changed that much now that she’s running her new women-empowered gossip site

“They put the wrong headline on the story,” snaps Bonnie Fuller, interrupting herself in the midst of an explanation about her new venture,…”I’ll be right back,” says Ms. Fuller, 53, as she leaps out of her chair to speak to the editorial team, composed of young women seated in cubicles outside her door.

“It’s supposed to say ‘Taylor Swift. New plaid, three days, three ways,’ ’cause it’s three different days and she wore it three different ways,” she explains.

Someone’s getting fired over Taylor Swift’s plaid ensemble. Amazing. But it gets even better.

On our culture’s obsession with celebrity minutiea (emphasis ours):

“People are born with a gossip gene,” she says gaily. “It’s in our DNA. We are nosy…Any of us could be a reality star, so any of us could be a celebrity. It’s really the American dream.”

On women comparing themselves to movie stars:

“Women see celebrities as mirrors of their own lives, so when they’re looking at celebrities, in many cases, not all, they are evaluating the situation and relating it to something in their own lives or comparing it. It enhances your life,” she concludes brightly. “It’s helping women. Of course it’s healthy.”

While we may not exactly agree with Bonnie’s view on celebrity obsession (so we should all aspire to be Snooki from “Jersey Shore”?), there’s no question that the woman is a force to be reckoned with, both for her competition and her own employees.

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