Bonnie Fuller Out-Earns David Pecker


Even though American Media Editorial Director Bonnie Fuller’s role at Star was diminished, she still made more than her boss, the company’s CEO, in fiscal year 2007. According to NYPost:

”According to SEC documents, Fuller remains the highest paid individual in the company, outpacing even CEO David Pecker.

”Fuller and Pecker both receive the same base salary — $1.5 million a year. But Fuller wins based on perks.”

The article goes on to note that Fuller’s total compensation in fiscal year 2007 was $2,056,542 while Pecker’s was a paltry $1,662,424. In Fuller’s defense, however, the article notes that she offered to give up most of her car service perk in order to ”keep one editorial head off the chopping block” during one of AMI’s periodic staff-slashing episodes.