Bonnie Fuller Embraces the Headline Exclamation Point!

Does an exclamation point placed at the end, or somewhere within, an entertainment gossip blog item headline make an article more exciting or generate heavier click-through rates? FishbowlLA is wondering about that after dropping into Bonnie Fuller’s garish looking

Here are just a few of today’s celeb-tastic headlines:

Oscar Makeup Secrets: Get Halle’s Shimmering Look!

Charlie Sheen Has NOT Been Banned from the Warner Brothers Lot! Exclusive!

Watch Usher’s Duet with Justin Bieber for His 17th Birthday!

Gwyneth’s Makeup Artist Tells Us How to Get Her Oscar Night Glow!

Charlie Sheen’s Manic Phase Means He Could Be Bipolar, Experts Say! Exclusive

Some of the exclamation points are hilariously misplaced, like the last one, which makes it seem like doctors are celebrating Charlie Sheen’s mental condition. (And no second “!” after Exclusive?! Someone is asleep at the wheel.)

There are more than a dozen other Hollywood Life March 1st items with exclamation point headlines. For what it’s worth, Natalie Portman is one of the very few celebs besides Sheen to rate as double exclamation point worthy. Look out if Sheen gives Portman child-rearing advice!!!

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.