Bonnie Fuller Marvels at the Breaking of the ‘Bathtub Barrier’

When she was editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Glamour, Bonnie Fuller counted on her rock-solid reach into a critical corner of the 18-to-34 female household: the bathroom.

But in an op ed for Ad Age, the editor of argues that the so-called “bathtub barrier” – the fondness of women to luxuriate in a fully drawn bath with the latest issue of their favorite women’s magazine(s) – has been irretrievably breached. Thanks largely to the ingenuity of Apple and the late Steve Jobs:

The iPad broke the Bathtub Barrier when it was born on April 3, 2010. At last, a portable, lightweight digital device that allowed women to replicate the magazine experience, while they soaked (carefully).

Now, I predict the iPad Mini will hyper-accelerate the watershed moment we’re in. At 7.8 by 5.3 inches and weighing 0.69 pounds, the iPad Mini is a bathtub no-brainer. It also fits into almost every purse a young woman may carry, which means it will go everywhere with its readers, who can access news, info and shopping at their fingertips.

Fuller warns that the massive projected sales of iPads and iPad Minis in 2013 will only further accelerate the hold of this new digital frontier and matching decline at the newsstand of young women’s magazines. In the past five years, her former charges have tumbled on that front by 35% (Glamour), 32% (Marie Claire), 31% (US Weekly) and 23% (Cosmopolitan). Read her full take here.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.