Bonjour HuffPost! Or Bon Giorno. Or Buenos Dias. Or Guten Morgen. Or 안녕하세요.

In HuffPost’s latest attempt at taking over global media, today they launch Le Huffington Post, the first foreign language version of the online news site. Ooh la la! Even reporters’ names like Grég have accent marks. This is going to be spectacular. This marks a partnership with The Le Monde Group and Les Nouvelles Editions Indépendantes to provide HuffPost’s brand of reporting to a new audience. The press release describes it as “politics, entertainment, living, style, world news, technology, and more.” Anne Sinclair will be Editorial Director and Paul Ackermann will be Editor-in-Chief. This is such a big deal that HuffPost felt the need to splash it as their top news item Monday morning.

In a statement, Arianna Huffington says, “I’ve loved France ever since I was 11 and my father took me and my sister to Paris — our first trip outside Greece. So I’m delighted to be launching Le Huffington Post at this crucial time in France’s and Europe’s history, bringing HuffPost’s platform and emphasis on journalism, social media, and community to a country with its own unique sensibility, rich culture and diversity of voices.”

My parents took me to the Kennedy Space Center when I was 11, but we’re not writing Fishbowl Uranus… Unless you count the work we’ve been doing on Gene Weingarten.

Clearly, they are looking to go global brand but have they somehow gone overboard? We’ve already seen launches of HuffPost UK and HuffPost Canada. Still to come this year is Le Huffington Post Quebec, El Huffington Post Spain and L’Huffington Post Italia.

Which makes us wonder. What other markets could Arianna be looking to conquer next? Huffington Gone Postal? An internet newspaper devoted to the happenings of psychotic mail rooms across America. HuffPaint Post? A hazy look at inhalants and the people who abuse them. Maybe just the HuffPo Po-Po? Where they look at happenings inside police precincts around the country.

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