Bonham’s Books and Manuscripts Auction: Capote, Chandler, Linus Van Pelt


Literary Los Angelenos can bid on mauscripts and memoribilia at Bonham’s this coming Sunday, Feb. 18th.
Treasures include

A partial draft of Truman Capote’s screenplay adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

A collection from the Estate of Elizabeth Ainsworth, John Steinbeck’s older sister. He dedicated Tortila Flats to her, crediting her for the introduction to that culture.

A signed letter from Raymond Chandler to CBS: “Let’s face it–television is a third-rate medium.”

A Charles Schulz letter, signed Linus Van Pelt.

A signed photograph taken by Eudora Welty.

George Patton’s letter to his mother from Ft. Riley.

Our favorite is radical John Reed’s letter about how much rent he wants to get for his summer house.