Bond: A ‘Royale’ with Cheese(cake)

When it comes to releasing information to the press, The Broccolis are starting to make Dick Cheney seem lightning fast. mik.jpeg.jpg

Two days after Daily Variety ran its “Will Bond Resolve ‘Royale’ Pains” – posting that Sony‘s newest franchise desperately needs “a babe and a baddie,” the Hollywood Reporter discloses that Mads Mikkelsen will play the villain.

No doubt annoyed by this “scoop,” Variety an hour ago posted that Eva Green will be the new Bond girl, while getting Sony’s confirmation about the Mikkelsen role, as well. green.jpeg.jpg

To be clear: We have no idea who Mads or Eva Green are, and likely, neither do you. And that’s the problem. Lost in the getting of these dribs and drabs is the fact that no one of boldface name seems interested in playing these campy roles anymore: Charlize Theron and Thandie Newton both turned down the role of Bond Girl, which last go ’round was played by Halle Berry.

And Mads…Mikkelsen? Who?

We stand agape that three weeks into a $100 million movie, the prinicpal roles have only just been cast. With producers this on the ball, it should be a blast to shoot.