Bon Appétit Names Top 10 New Restaurants

People like judging restaurants. Just look at Yelp. The people who rate places on that site are probably scary in real life (no one wants to read your 700 word discussion of a bagel shop), but there’s a lot of them, so something about talking restaurants gets people excited.

While we’re sure some Yelp users consider themselves experts, we take the advice from Andrew Knowlton, Restaurant Editor for Bon Appétit, more seriously. For the magazine’s September issue, Knowlton lists the top 10 new restaurants in America. Here is a teaser of the top three:

  1. Husk – Charleston, SC
  2. Misson Chinese Food – San Francisco, CA
  3. The Walrus and The Carpenter – Seattle, WA

Our only beef (see what we did there?) with Bon Appétit’s list is that there is only one New York restaurant. Not cool.