Bombay Club to Mimic WH State Dinner

Soon everyone can know (well, maybe not even slightly) what it’s like to be a Salahi party crasher. The Bombay Club, the upscale Indian restaurant a hop, skip and jump from the White House is hosting a dinner that replicates the recent White House State Dinner. UrbanDaddy D.C. pokes fun at it, lacing an item in this week’s “Weekender” with Salahi humor.

The restaurant didn’t seem to mind.

“We wanted to have a dinner just as it was at the White House, so similar kind of menu, similar kind of service and everything,” said Nilesh Singhvi, a restaurant employee. Singhvi found UrbanDaddy’s writeup using the Salahi incident amusing.

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State Dinner Redux at Bombay Club

Get ready to don your red sari, your fake medals and your even faker Patek Philippe. The Bombay Club-across the park from the White House-is now taking bookings for a dinner that will mimic November’s state dinner. Think red lentil soup, potato-eggplant salad and green curry prawns-served with the White House’s wine pairings. BYO reality TV crew.

411: $65, or $90 with wine pairings, now accepting reservations for Jan. 21, 7:30pm, Bombay Club, 815 Connecticut Ave NW, 202-659-3727