Bomb threat at NY Post turns out not to be Bert Fields uh, no one

Manhattan newsstand owner Nagi Nashal is being held without bail after allegedly phoning in a bomb threat to the New York Post publishing pictures of Saddam Hussein in his skivvies. But according to the New York Daily News (natch), the call was placed a circulation office, not the editorial desk. Nashal claims a cabbie came in and heard him call the circulation office and then grabbed the phone, hit redial, made the threat, and fled (witnesses corroborate this). While the NYDN story does confirm that one call was made, it doesn’t say either way whether two successive calls were made. I guess three reporters on a byline can only do so much.

UPDATE: It looks like the Daily News was the first/only one with this story (including, weirdly, the Post). Chalk up another scoop for Lloyd Grove!

Arrest in bomb threat vs. Post [NYDN]