Bolt Creative releases endless-jumper Pocket God: Ooga Jump on iOS

Image via Bolt Creative

Mobile developer Bolt Creative has announced the launch of the newest title in its popular Pocket God franchise, Pocket God: Ooga Jump. The game offers Bolt’s take on an endless jumping mechanic, with what the developer calls “morbid twists.” In the same style of previous games, the pygmies in Pocket God: Ooga Jump will face some gruesome endings as players work to earn the highest score possible in each run.

Using a combination of tilt and tap controls, players in Pocket God: Ooga Jump will try and help their pygmies bounce as high as they can, avoiding obstacles and enemies as they go. In this, the game is similar to others in the endless jumping genre, including Ninjatown: Trees of Doom and even Doodle Jump.

Players will bounce their way through multiple locations, like a fiery underworld, a tropical jungle, and even Uranus. These locations offer varying enemies and obstacles, including robots, fire ants, spiders, force fields and even monkeys that wish to peel the poor pygmies’ faces off.

Players can collect gems used to purchase power-ups in the store, like ant and spider repellant, before heading back out to try and increase their high score the next time around. Once out of gems, players can also purchase these items with real money.

Ooga Jump also allows users to purchase new skins for their Pygmies, while tracking their progress against other players via the in-game leaderboards and Game Center support.

Pocket God: Ooga Jump is now available to download on iOS for $0.99. Check back soon to track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.