BOKU Announces New Partnerships To Expand In Competitive Mobile Payments Space

-BOKU Logo-Today BOKU, a mobile payments platform, is announcing a number of large publisher partnerships to expand their position as a leader in the mobile payments space. The competition is fierce. Just last week, we reported that Zong was in the process of testing out credit payments through a partnership with Facebook. We can only expect more mobile payment providers to integrate in the near future as well, including BOKU.

BOKU has announced a number of large publisher partnerships including some with Aeria Games, Badoo, Gambit, Hi5, Jambool, Meez, Offerpal, Playfish, Slide, Sometrics, Super Rewards, TrialPay, WeeWorld, and many others. It’s clear that the virtual goods space is becoming increasingly competitive even though it is still extremely early in the space. Just last week we wrote about Live Gamer acquiring TwoFish and I’d only expect similar acquisitions to continue over the coming months.

Right now BOKU claims that their platform reaches over 1.8 billion potential customers. While I’m sure there is some overlap among those users, the company clearly has a wide reach. If you aren’t aware of how BOKU functions, I’ve gone ahead and included a demo video below. As the virtual goods market expands, it appears that reverse mobile billing will also expand which means phone companies could soon be raking in the cash as the market expands beyond IQ Quizzes, ringtones, and horoscopes.

While the company isn’t providing much other news beyond their new partnerships, it’s clear that the company is focused on rapid growth by leveraging their stellar executive team. Check out my previous article about BOKU on AllFacebook for more information.