Boingo WiFi Credits App Lets iPhone/iPad Users Buy an Hour of Access for $1.99

Is the iPad closer to a notebook computer or a mobile phone? This may not matter to most people. But, it does if you plan to use the iPad with Boingo’s WiFi service. Fortunately, Boingo considers it a handset and will apparently charge $7.95 per month like a phone instead of the $9.95 per month it charges for notebooks. Boingo provides WiFi service in a large number of venues including Starbucks where AT&T currently provides free access to its iPhone users.

Boingo is launching a new way to pay for their service called Boingo WiFi Credits just in time for the iPad launch:

Get Ready: It’s the Boingo iPad Contest

Each credit provides one consecutive hour of WiFi service (you can’t split it up). Each credit costs $1.99. Credits bought in blocks of 10 for $19.90 will get you an extra credit (11 hours). However, as they say on infomercials: But, wait! There’s more! These credits can be purchased using Boingo’s new app as an in-app purchase. This means you can buy WiFi access on the go. And, the app includes a free credit (hour of use) to let you try it out first. You can find the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app here:

Biongo Wi-Fi Credits (iTunes App Store)

If you are frequently on the move and in search of WiFi hotspots, Boingo’s affordable $7.95 plan is the obvious way to go. However, if you are an infrequent traveler and don’t need hotspot access on regular basis, why pay $95.40 per year for the monthly plan if you only need a couple of hours per airport stop for $1.99 per hour or $19.90 for 11 hours of use? It certainly is a lot less expensive plan than the $8 to $10 WiFi access charges I’ve seen in airports over the past couple of years.

Via GigaOm: Boingo Brings $1.99 Pay-Per-Use Wi-Fi to Apple’s iPad