Bohemian Rhapsody


Los Angeles-area architect Barbara Bestor is soooo Silver Lake. She’s building her house on the same street where three of the area’s most famous architects built homes: Frank Lloyd Wright, Neutra, Schindler. And she’s steeped in Silver Lake heritage, including various associations with local icons The Beastie Boys: she worked in the famed Grand Royal building in Atwater Village and she used to be married to Adam Silverman, partner of X-Large, which was co-owned by Mike D.

Susan Carpenter of the LA Times talks about Bestor’s devotion to the hood and her current projects, which are scattered about the newly-hip environs. This, of course, is all a precursor to her upcoming book Bohemian Modern: Living In Silver Lake, which we know was designed by the lovely Michael Worthington, with illustrations by Geoff McFetridge. You can reserve your advance copy here. If you go to Bestor’s site, you can see a few spreads.