Boggle for iPhone: I Became Addicted to it During a 5+ Hour Flight With Crying Toddlers

Electronic Arts temporarily reduced the price of Boggle for iPhone from 99 cents to free last week. I grabbed a copy with the idea of playing with it for a few minutes during my long (5.5 hours) flight to Seattle this Saturday. Little did I know it would become a life saver.

Boggle is based on the word game of the same name that has you find words in sequences of letters arranged in a 4 by 4 square matrix. This simple game has stood the test of time and has been popular for many years.

The iPhone version of the game is a bit too cute during the start. It requires you to shake the iPhone to bring up an animation of the scrabbled letters into the matrix. The shaking is a bit annoying on a crowded plane. It would have been nice to provide a simple button push option. The animation becomes tiring after a few tries too. I didn’t see any options to change either of these behaviors.

The game itself is addicting. And, it became of life saving distraction after even my noise cancellation headphones failed to mask a toddler whose lung capacity enable him (or her) to cry for nearly the entire duration of the flight with just a few breaks for feeding. Other children decided to join him (or her) several times during the flight. Note to self: As a parent, I should thank my daughter for never during that in flights during her early childhood.

Boggle for iPhone keeps some statistics but not enough in my opinion. It would, for example, be great if it provided a chart showing the percentage of words found over time. There are other historical statistics that would make the overall game more interesting. But, that doesn’t take away from the basic game play of finding words in the matrix.

Although I’m glad I got it while it was free, it seems definitely worth it current restored 99 cent price having played it for about 2 hours of my flight. FYI: I tried listening to podcast and watching videos during the 5.5 hour flight. However, Boggle was definitely my favorite distraction.

Boggle 1.1.0 (iTunes App Store)