Boeing Developing Self-Destruct Smartphone for Government Agents

beoingIf you’re expecting the CIA or other spies to be carrying self-destructing phones, you’ll not be disappointed. Boeing is creating just the gadget for the FCC – a product that will be made primarily for employees of the government or “companies engaged in contractual activities with those agencies that are related to defense and homeland security.”

The aerospace company is being quiet about the device’s specifications, as it will hamper its eventual use. For now, little is known about the gadget, named Black phone. Any tampering with the device will render it useless, and of course, all calls and data will be encrypted. The phone will also be using two, rather than one SIM card, which will give it access to multiple cellular carriers at any given time. So at the very least, agents will have better connections and fewer dropped calls.

Key Features:

  • Android™ Operating System: Convenient smartphone for Android usage
  • Disk Encryption: Encrypted storage for sensitive data
  • Hardware Root of Trust: Ensures software authenticity
  • Hardware Crypto Engine: Protects stored and transmitted data
  • Embedded Secure Components: Enables trusted operations
  • Trusted Platform Modules: Provides secure key storage
  • Secure Boot: Maintains device image integrity
  • Hardware Modularity: Endless modularity capabilities

Other features includes attachments for longer battery life, solar power, and even the ability to connect to biometric sensors and satellites. For those seeking a slightly less 007 alternative, the Blackphone is a consumer product that comes with plenty of privacy features.

Via Reuters