Bob Pittman, One-Time WNBC-AM Programmer, Named a Clear Channel CEO

Bob Pittman, whose had a successful media run as broadcasting executive, has been named Clear Channel CEO of Media Holdings.

Pittman joined the company last November as chairman of Media and Entertainment Platforms, helping to transform Clear Channel from a traditional “old media” company to a media and entertainment company for the digital age. 

In his new role, Pittman will oversee the company’s global media properties, including broadcast, digital and mobile syndication, media representation and outdoor.

“Over the past year, I’ve had the unique opportunity to look at the Clear Channel people and assets up close and have found myself increasingly drawn to the company, to the point where the chance to get even more deeply involved has just become irresistible,” said Pittman.  “I know first-hand that we have great people and the assets that allow them to do great things.  We are so much more than just transmitters and broadcast towers – we leverage our local brands, personalities, strategic relationships and programming expertise to create unique experiences that forge real connections with consumers across our multiple platforms.”

Pittman co-founded Music Television, more commonly known as MTV, where he remained as CEO.

Before helping to create MTV, though, Pittman had a two-year stint as WNBC-AM program director. Pittman infamously fired the on-air notables that included Cousin Brucie, Norm N. Nite, and Don Imus. Along with switching to lesser known personalities, Pittman also tweaked the format from Adult Top 40 to Hot AC.

Pittman also was COO of America Online and AOL Time Warner.

But Pittman is poised to take on his new position.  

“I look forward to continuing to work closely with John Hogan and the Clear Channel Radio team to grow our company as we strengthen relationships with our consumers, advertisers, artists, labels and partners, nationally and locally.”