Bob Guccione Jr.: ‘I Want to Have a Multi-title Company’ Within Six Months

02_bobby_lgl.jpgDuring a phone conversation about his work editing Media Magazine‘s “Future of Media” issue, Spin founder Bob Guccione Jr. told us there were “two or three” media properties he was considering buying. The son of Penthouse founder Bob Guccione — who had just finished having lunch with a friend from the New York Post — wouldn’t reveal which ones he’s interested in but said, “I want to have a multi-title company… Within six months, I want to have my feet planted.”

Guccione Jr. hopes to buy an existing company rather than launch a startup, but his discussion of what he would launch offered some insight into the type of property he’s looking to purchase: “At some point I’ll want to do a startup. I’m particularly interested in the food, travel, shelter and art worlds. And maybe science.”

He’s currently “deeply intrigued by the media” and is considering a range of companies. “Some are very niche, some are wide in their range,” he said. “My hope would be to start with one or the other and go the other way.”

In an article he penned for the Future of Media issue, he makes some bold predictions about the topic. After the jump, he explains which one he’d “fall on a sword” for.

Guccione Jr., who predicts that a Sunday paper will go free except for home delivery and that Google will see increased competition akin to the newspaper wars of yesteryear, doesn’t see the Internet killing print completely. “[The prediction] I will stake my career on is that the Internet will not consume print,” he explained. “I’m not saying there won’t be Darwinian fallout, there absolutely will… [but] I think it’s a matter of print [media companies] taking this fantastic technology and clipping it to their toolbelt.”

He cited Time‘s ability to supplement its articles on the Web and National Geographic as strong examples of his point. “[National Geographic does] it brilliantly,” he said of the magazine’s Web site. “They have always been in the business of delivering a sense of wonder. Their product is a sense of wonder.”

The issue of Media Magazine debuts on Tuesday.