Bob Garfield Picks His Most Hated Ads of ’07


We promise that we aren’t going to rename ourselves, “UnBeige: Your Home for Year End Lists,” but when a good one comes floating to the top of the millions available around this time of year, we snatch it up. And this one’s a good one because, hey, who doesn’t love a little bit of upset Bob Garfield to help wash down a day? So while most of Ad Age this week has become one big year end list, we point you only to his “Ads Garfield Hated.” It runs the gamut, from Ford‘s offensive spot about rebuilding New Orleans to GM‘s suicidal robot to the return of Zombie Orville Rendenbacher. If you’re looking to relive a full year of groaning and discomfort all in one fell swoop, well dear readers, here you are (start with the Zombie Redenbacher).