A Bob Dylan Time Capsule

Daily News series breaks down the iconic cover of singer's second LP.

For the latest “New York Stories” series piece in the New York Daily News, Elizabeth Mitchell revisits the time and place framing the cover of Bob Dylan’s second LP. The photo with then-girlfriend Suze Rotolo was taken in February of 1963 on Jones Street in Greenwich Village, for an album that would come out three months later and fully launch the singer’s career.

It was an era when a two-bedroom apartment in the Village could be had for $60 a month. Dylan’s third-floor walk-up was in a four-story building at 161 West Fourth Street. Per Mitchell, the building still looks the way it did then:

The building where Dylan once lived sold in 2015 for $6 million. It sits empty, the bottom floors seeking business rental at $25,000 a month. Chris Coffey, a consultant at Icon Realty Management who handles the property, says they have no plans to change the apartment layouts, and they would prefer a tenant who would somehow honor the history of the neighborhood. “We would be happy to work with Mr. Dylan or anyone from his team on how best to pay tribute to his legacy,” he explains. “That along with a respectful renovation should make the building stay forever young.”

Also briefly mentioned in Mitchell’s article is a much darker chapter in the waning summer months of 1963. After Rotolo became pregnant, she and Dylan decided they couldn’t keep the baby and went to a New York City doctor for an illegal abortion. New York in 1970 became the first U.S. state to make abortion legal.

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