Bob Dylan’s Version of a Cable News Channel Scroll

Bob Dylan has snuck up on the YouTube generation and just dropped one of the most inspired music videos of the 21st century.

The juxtaposition of “Like a Rolling Stone” with various fake TV channel streams of lip-synched talking heads is made all the more inspired by the fact that watchers can channel surf as the song is playing. Among the second layers of detail is the ticker at the bottom of the MTC Business cable news channel. Bits of information shared include:

Alert: Some stocks went up and some stocks went down.

Greece to default on everything. Just an overall default.

Just in: Police still occasionally killing hooded teens.

There are also, befitting the artist, some more serious news flashes mixed in. Wired culture and entertainment writer Devon Maloney describes the Yoni Bloch (Interlude) collaboration as “probably the most newfangled thing Dylan has ever done.” We agree.