Bob Dylan Archive Includes Note From Barbra Streisand

A treasure trove acquired for between $15 and $20 million.

In the first paragraph of today’s New York Times piece by Ben Sisario, there is some fun use of an earlier 2001 Rolling Stone article to frame a notebook kept by Bob Dylan. That notebook, described by RS writer Mark Jacobson as the “Maltese Falcon of Dylanology,” was at one point stolen and now resides at New York’s Morgan Library and Museum.

And as Sisario discovered during a recent, exclusive preview of  some 6,000 Dylan artifacts purchased by the George Kaiser Family Foundation for future exhibition in Tulsa, there are in fact two more golden notebooks. As well as a more casual but no less intriguing bit of superstar scrawl:

While the archive is a further step in the canonization of Mr. Dylan, now 74, as not just a musical icon but also an American literary giant, the documents are tantalizing in what they do not reveal. A card from Barbra Streisand postmarked November 1978, for example, thanks Mr. Dylan for sending flowers and playfully suggests that they make a record together; there is no evidence of a response.

Had these two collaborated at that time, the result would no doubt have been as memorable as the music imagined once upon a time by The A/V Club. More info on the Archive here, which will find a permanent home near the similar Woody Guthrie Center.

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