Bob Blog, RIP

DCRTV today has an update of sorts on a story that we covered a few weeks back: The mysterious Bob Levey Bob Blog on The blog, which died with only nine entries on it, ended with a post from Levey saying, “For personal reasons, I’ve decided not to continue writing The Bob Blog. Thanks very much for reading, and for all your messages of support.”

DCRTV: “Now, we learn from columnist Marc Fisher‘s online Q&A last week that Levey ‘who is doing a bang-up job as one of the weekend voices of Washington Post Radio, along with the very funny David Burd, decided to concentrate on the new radio gig rather than add one more blog here on the big website.” However, our sources say that there’s probably more to the story than that. Might columnist John Kelly, who replaced Levey, have complained about the return of his predecessor?”