Bo Gets Splash of Attention, but was it Overboard?

Bo Obama was showered with unexpected attention this weekend as one Washington journalist zoned in on him. Not that reporters don’t usually make minor mentions of the First Pooch in Pool Reports any chance they get, but this felt special.

It was CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry who set his sights on Bo Monday. It’s unknown why the Portuguese Water Dog captured his attention so persistently. But CBS Radio White House Reporter Mark Knoller, however jokingly, jumped to the dog’s defense, asking, “Come on, Ed. Doesn’t Bo deserve some privacy?” Henry replied, “Bo is fair game. #doestwittervershavesenseofhumor.”

Here’s what we learned about Bo on Memorial Day, complete with photographs such as the one at left:

1. Bo seeks air conditioning. (Henry: “So humid in DC, Bo found AC in Secret Service hut.”)

2. Bo’s maturing. (Henry: “Bo has grown up.”)

3. Bo, too, commemorates Memorial Day. (Henry: “Happy Memorial Day from Bo the dog.”)