B&N Launches New Back to School Promotion for the Nook

Barnes & Noble have just unveiled its latest, and it’s a much better deal than the last offer back in June. If you register a Nook Touch or NookColor eReader before October 31st, you’ll get a bunch of free eBooks, apps, and study guides.

But you’ll have to buy the Nook before 11 September, though. And if you do, B&N will give you 12 of the enhanced classic eBooks it publishes, along with 4 NookColor apps, 3 Study Guides, and 12 SparkNotes.

It’s a good thing this is all digital; the weight of the paper editions would add up pretty quickly. Of course, this promotion isn’t costing B&N as much as it might appear; it owns SparkNotes, and the study guides were already free to anyone who registered a Nook app or eReader with B&N.

It’s curious, isn’t it, that B&N is the only one who offers these kind of promotions? Amazon certainly could – if it wanted to.

For a  complete list of the titles included in the offer, please visit www.nook.com/school.

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