Blythly going where she went two days ago

Myrna Blyth says ‘star’ editors are history — and just in case you didn’t hear her two days ago, she’s telling you again.

Today in her column on the National Review website, Blyth writes about the “demise of the celeb editor” and cites example after example about how the star power of editors is waning. Sound familiar? It’s pretty much a graf-for-graf rendering of her similar column two days ago for the New York Sun (she obviously doesn’t read Fishbowl, because we disagreed with her most heartily. Also, if she did read Fishbowl, we know she would have already sent in her girl crushes).

Citing Jane Pratt, Bonnie Fuller, and Tina Brown as star editors who have lost their touch? Check. Unknown former soap-opera writer Richard Spencer helming In Touch to a winning formula? Check. Describing the humble professor’s wife Janice Min as “hard-working,” “unpretentious,” and a “good manager?” Check. Same closing line? Check. Ripping off her own freaking column almost word for word? Check check check.

We can’t wait for the corrections section. Mnookin?

Fading Stars: The Demise of Mag Celebs [NRO, August 26, 2005]
Do You Know Me? The End of the Star Editor [NYSun, August 24, 2005]