Blur Racer Blur Allows For Twitter Challenges Across PS3 and Xbox Live

In another example of cross-platform gaming, the XBox and PS3 racer Blur is now integrating Twitter to facilitate challenges. While early reports had suggested that there would be some sort of technology that linked the game into the challenges, the CEO clarified recently that the technology would simply mean that users could send Twitter messages from within the game.

Activision blogger Dan Amrich stated that “I’m watching my Twitter account and a friend on 360 says ‘Hey, @OneOfSwords, I just got this time on this track, try and beat it,’ and I’m playing the PS3 version…that’s a cross-platform challenge. I can certainly read that message, then sit down at my machine and try to beat his time. There is no technical infrastructure or data link between those two platforms; you can’t send from Twitter directly to someone’s 360 or PS3 inbox.”

This news follows shortly after the recent story of Match Defense: Toy Soldiers, which had a far deeper Facebook-to-XBox integration. The concept of being able to ‘play anywhere’ is something that has been spoken about in gaming circles for years, but we’re seeing a bigger integration between games across platforms as time passes. While this integration isn’t very technical, Blur now does have the interesting ability to connect with my everyday social graph, and that has its uses. I would certainly love to send out a note when I win a race, and let people know what I’m playing.