Bluetooth Speakerphone For Your Car

I listen to podcasts during my daily commute, and while there is an auxiliary jack for the car stero, connecting my smartphones to it is a jumble of wires. I usually have the smartphone siting on the passenger seat with the wires strung between the seat and the dash, which I find irritating. I’ve always been envious of those who have car sound systems that support Bluetooth to wirelessly stream music without having to plug in a smartphone, and I have been seaking a wireless adapter that I could use with the auxiliary jack in my car.

Earlier this week I got an e-mail advertisement from that included the Ventev Portable Bluetooth Car Speakerphone/Speakers, on sale for $19.99. The Ventev includes a cradle that is designed to attach the speakerphone to the visor in your car. I didn’t know whether the speaker would be loud enough for me to hear podcasts as I am driving, but I figured for $19.99 it was worth a try, so I ordered it.

After I received the Ventev I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of features I did not know it had. One is that it has a built-in stand so that it can sit up on a table, and it has two small speakers that provide stereo sound that’s actually pretty good. The big feature that I did not know it had is a headphone jack, which allows me to connect the Ventev to the auxiliary jack in my car.

The Ventev enables me to stream music via Bluetooth from my smartphone to my car’s stereo. I used the HD7 to play podcasts and the sound was clear, with no drop in the Bluetooth connection. The Ventev is small enough to fit in a storage spot below the dash and I can keep the smartphone in my pocket while the podcast is playing. I plan on buying a smaller length cable to connect to the auxiliary jack so that I don’t have messy cables hanging in my car.

I don’t know how many other people are looking to connect a smartphone to a car stereo, but I can say the Ventev has worked very well for me for streaming podcasts and music. I haven’t really tried using it as a speakerphone, but for $19.99 on sale at, you can’t beat the price.

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