BluePulse Jumps in Mobile Social Networking Fray

Hot on the heels of MocoSpace’s $3 million funding round comes Bluepulse, an Australian mobile social networking company. They just scored $6 million in capital from VantagePoint Venture Partners, according to MocoNews.

The service will also move from Sydney, Australia to Silicon Valley, occupying some of YouTube’s old offices, according to the report.

“The service appears to be doing well: Bluepulse claims that since launching in beta last December it has been downloaded more than two million times across more than 150 countries, and is approaching 100 million page views per month,” said blogger James Quintana Pearce. “The application allows people to communicate and meet new people through one-to-one and broadcast messaging, profiles, picture and video sharing, chat and a wide range of mobile widgets.”

Bluepulse Gets $6 Million First Round Funding, Moves To Silicon Valley [MocoNews]