BluePont Launches GPS-Enabled Dating Service

BluePont_Logo.jpgBluePont launched a mobile dating service that works with GPS-enabled cell phones. After users sign up at, fill out background information and what they’re looking for in a match, and download the software onto their handsets, the service will begin searching for other BluePont customers close by.

“When a match is discovered, the user’s phone will vibrate or play music to alert them and they are introduced by first names, photos and some basic information including age and gender. Users typically don’t see the other person right away, so they can text message to meet right then, make plans to later or simply ‘wave’ goodbye.”

The service never reveals phone numbers or names, instead exchanging text messages through BluePont’s own servers anonymously. Mobile Meeting alerts are free to receive; once someone initiates the two-way exchange, a one-time fee is charged to enable a 1-month ($5.99), 2-month ($9.99), or 3-month ($12.99) plan. The fees are non-recurring and allow unlimited use during the membership period. Interesting? Dumb? Let us know what you think in the Comments section below.