Blue Goji releases Goji Play workout system for iOS

Image via Blue Goji

Blue Goji, in association with MyFitnessPal, has today announced the limited launch campaign for its Goji Play fitness solution, which combines apps on smartphones and tablets with real world controllers that can be attached to most workout equipment.

The Goji Play controller system was created by industry veterans from RedOctane, the developer beyond Guitar Hero, with the goal of making a cardio workout experience more enjoyable. The system’s wireless controllers can attach to most cardio equipment, including elliptical trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes and more, and an Activity Sensor allows users to measure their distance traveled, burned calories and more back on their iOS device(s).

So far, the Goji Play system supports eight games on iOS, each designed to enhance parts of a user’s workout experience. These include a snowboarding game called APO Snow, an arcade style shooter called Ralaga, and Spin or Die, a game that challenges players to ride their bike through a city during rush hour traffic. Most of these apps are available for free, but APO Snow costs $0.99.

While the Goji Play system is available for purchase on Blue Goji’s website for $99, MyFitnessPal members who purchase the Goji Play will receive exclusive perks, including access to contests for gym bags and future versions of the Goji Play system.

“The MyFitnessPal partnership allows a community of health, fitness and wellness enthusiasts to experience a new, fun and entertaining way to work out,” said Kai Huang, Blue Goji co-founder and CEO, in a company statement. “Goji Play adds a fun-factor that will encourage people of all fitness levels to exercise more often, starting with MyFitnessPal members.”

More information about Goji Play is now available on Blue Goji’s website.